The convenience of life in the twenty first century belongs to those with the app.

Give your old stereo a new lease of life with a Sonos Connect. When you modernise your stereo with Sonos Connect you can stream your iTunes collection, listen to your favorite radio station, or enjoy your choice of streaming music service just as you would with any other Sonos component or speakers. Roam free using the Sonos app on your smartphone or tablet and listen to the old hi-fi you know so well, and love so much.

Plug a Sonos Connect into any analogue input on your stereo, or any digital input (optical or coax) on your home theatre reciever to create another great zone of Sonos. You can make your connection to the internet and your computer wirelessly too. Forget the dangle of cable from your laptop in the living room. Forget the laptop in the living room.

Or if you have a favorite set of speakers you’d like to keep going, then the Sonos Connect:Ampis perfect. Even less clutter.


Make your selection, be it a song, playlist, album or station and enjoy the music. Uninterrupted. If you’ve tried a bluetooth connection, or even airplay via your mobile device, chances are you’ve been interrupted by a phone call, text or message to that device. That won’t happen with any Sonos model, including the Sonos Connect.

If you have been thinking of streamlining your system, you can happily make room in the rack by replacing the AM/FM tuner with the Sonos Connect. Make use of the internet radio function. Gain thousands of new stations and lose the static forever.

Sonos makes it easy to access your streaming music collection or service — with a Sonos Connect you can stream music wirelessly through any amplified audio system — whether they’re a set of full-range floor-standing speakers powered by an integrated stereo, or surround sound speakers wired into a home theatre setup.

Every audio system that includes an amplifier or receiver can now be modernised with a Sonos Connect. Get your stereo up to speed streaming digital music. Enquire today.