Missing TuneIn Radio stations

How to set New Zealand iHeart Radio Stations on Sonos Players

Radio by TuneIn on Sonos provides most of your favourite New Zealand radio stations, however the Radio Network group of stations found on the iHeart Radio app are missing, or don’t work properly. Stations such as Coast, Newstalk, Radio Sport, The Hits, Hauraki, Flava, ZM and The Mix. Follow this guide to add the missing stations into the Sonos controller on your Mac or PC. You can then access these stations on TuneIn in the music menu.

Instructions for adding New Zealand iHeart Radio Stations to your Sonos Players (Open in TuneIn)

  1. Open the Sonos controller on your Mac or PC
  2. Select the Manage menu item and then select Add Radio Station
  3. Cut and paste the Streaming URL into the first field
  4. Add the Station Name into the second field (type or cut and paste)
  5. Use TuneIn on your music menu to access these newly added stations

Stations you can copy and paste into your Sonos system

  • Coast http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/coast2.pls
  • Newstalk ZB Auckland http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/zbakalt.pls
  • Newstalk ZB Christchurch http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/zbchalt.pls
  • Newstalk ZB Wellington http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/zbwnalt.pls
  • Radio Sport http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/rsportalt.pls
  • The Hits http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/hits2ihr.pls
  • Hauraki http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/hkalt.pls
  • Flava http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/flalt.pls
  • ZM http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/zmalt.pls
  • Mix http://streaming.radiomyway.co.nz/mixalt.pls