The Soundbar for Music Lovers

The Sonos Playbar was designed to make your music and television sound great. For many customers a Sonos Playbar often becomes their system of choice to listen to music. The Playbars impressive physical presence (it’s bigger than most soundbars) belies the larger than usual speaker drivers and well-engineered cabinets. This adds up to an extraordinary musical experience — a wide soundstage with a powerful, rich sound.

As with all Sonos devices, the Playbar can be controlled by an app, and gives you access to your entire music collection, but unique amongst the Sonos family of products, the Playbar natively decodes Dolby Digital 5.1 for an authentic home theatre experience.

Let me show you all the ways we can Playbar

Playbar 3.0

The Sonos Playbar will bring every movie, game and television show to life with wide-angled, 3-channel sound. Hear the sound effects and music pan realistically from the left and right channels with crisp clear dialogue from the centre channel.

Playbar 3.1

Nothing anchors your home theatre audio like dynamic and detailed bass. With a Playbar and Sub combo, you’ll experience each boom, crash, and rumble in all its thunderous glory.

The Sub works with the Playbar using wi-fi or a Boost. Please note, the Sonos Sub is the only subwoofer that is compatible with Playbar.

Playbar 5.1

Now we’re talking total surround sound here. This is sonic immersion. Add your rear speakers with a pair of Play:1s, Play:3s, or Play:5s to Playbar and Sub — suddenly, you’re right in the centre of it all, with vivid ambient background audio putting you in the picture.

We don’t recommend putting the Sonos Connect components, or any Play speakers together with your television to perform front speaker duties. They were not designed to function in that capacity with your television. These products will have some audio latency which causes a noticeable delay between the image and sound.

The only soundbar for your television is the Sonos Playbar, the perfect partner for your movies and music.