SONOS and Amazon Echo get it together

Some great news from SONOS — you can now use Amazon Echo to control your SONOS speakers.

As some of you may know the Amazon Echo uses voice commands to perform certain tasks, and some of those tasks will now control what you listen to on your SONOS speakers. SONOS has now also released it’s API for third party developers and manufacturers to control SONOS speakers from within their app.

Fantastic I hear you say. For most SONOS owners, the SONOS app is enough for them to get on with their lives and listen to the music. But how many times have you just wanted to open Spotify and play the music. Plenty I bet. Well, now you can. Spotify offers a host of ways to listen to and discover new music. More than SONOS can possibly keep up with. So that’s the good of it.

Now for the not so good. Most of us here in New Zealand would hardly know what an Amazon Echo is, let alone know where to buy it. It’s a voice controlled music speaker that dovetails very nicely with the Amazon e-commerce website. Ask the time, listen to a weather forecast, get Echo to tell a joke, or order some groceries from Amazon. It’s your personal Amazonbot and soon your SONOS butler. Kinda.

That’s nice, I also hear you say. We still have to wait until next year for this upgrade, and also acquire an Amazon Echo if we are to use our voice to apply limited control over our electronic troubadors. It would be useful for mute and unmute, play next or scramble your selection. Er, the scramble bit was my invention, but you get what I mean. It would be handy being hands off. Wired Magazine has the in-depth story, with The Verge spilling the beans on who the first SONOS bed partners are. Spotify will be first, and then the dutiful concubine Pandora will be next. Polyamory rules, but take your turn.

Public beta users will get access to the app upgrades in October of this year, with everyone sharing the goodness next year.