Systemline E50 Music System — the best holiday home music system

We’d like to introduce you to this little wonder.

It’s the Systemline E50 Music System, ideal for the holiday rental property. This is a Bluetooth music system with touch and gesture control, and additional TV audio and auxiliary inputs. It requires some basic installation. Once installed, the E50 is a real pleasure to use.

Bluetooth, TV & AUX

Your guests can connect to the E50 with bluetooth on their phones. It’s easy. No longer worry about having a collection of CDs for guests to listen to, or crackly radio reception. Spotify or similar music services can be streamed to the E50. If your guests want to watch television they can switch to the E50 for much better sound than the audio of the television speakers.

Wave your command

The E50 offers a panel with touch and contactless gesture control. Wave your hand to skip tracks, wind your finger in a circular motion to raise or lower the volume. Mute and unmute sound with a sweep of the hand. All these controls can be performed without ever needing to touch the screen. Perfect for when you’re in the kitchen dicing chicken, or filleting a fish.

Don’t worry be happy

The control panel also powers the pair of Q Acoustic 6.5 inch in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. These quality speakers are powered by a quality system. You don’t have to worry about your portable audio gear going walkabout. There is nothing to take, and nothing to worry about. The E50 even has auto power off.

Good music makes everyone happy. Buy now for $789. If you want to upgrade to two pairs of speakers for more room-filling goodness, just add an extra $289.