Better wi-fi for your home and business

No matter what your requirements are, we have the solution for you. We cut through the marketing hype and deliver a network that performs for you.

First and foremost is the need for all homes to have a solid wi-fi network. Not everyone can, or wants to install wires throughout the home, (but you should hardwire if you can). You can’t rely on the wi-fi from the router your internet provider gave you either.

We offer solutions for parents who want transparency and control over their kids internet usage.

We also provide wi-fi solutions for small businesses where a bulletproof wi-fi network is required?

Whatever your requirements are, you don’t have to put up with second-rate wireless connectivity. Call the experts. Call CODA for a free consultation.

The Standard Wi-fi Bundle

Where you need that extra signal boost
  • The cabled solution for rock solid wi-fi.
  • We will install a network cable (up to 30m) under your floor, or through your attic space.
  • Bundle includes 1 x business grade Xclaim XI-1 300mbs Access Point
  • Good for guest spaces with 1-4 users.
  • Offer only available while stock lasts | Xclaim XI-1 Access Point only — $119

The No Install Wi-fi Bundle

Use the power to make your wi-fi better
  • When you can’t run a cable to where you need a wi-fi boost.
  • Use your home outlets to connect to your router and solve your wi-fi issues.
  • 2 x Edimax Powerline Adapters with built-in wi-fi
  • Good for guest spaces with 1-4 users.