Home Security

The smart choice for home and small business security is here. Smanos is simpler to install and maintain. With Smanos you can enjoy all the benefits of a smart security system without monthly monitoring bills.

If in the unlikely event of a break-in, gas leak, fire or flooding, you will receive a call, email, text, or notification via an App, depending on the Smanos system you choose. You will be able to look in on the scene with the security cameras to determine the proper course of action to take. No matter whether you are at work, on a business trip or on holiday, you will have remote monitoring and control capabilities available from your smartphone.

Smanos is the ideal security solution for home and small business owners who want peace of mind without breaking the bank. Smanos could also be the perfect security choice for your AirBnB rental, or holiday home.

CODA can install Smanos IP cameras, or other IP camera solutions with customised storage options to suit your site requirements. For professional surveillance applications we recommend Vivotek cameras and hardware.

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