SONOS: home theatre made easy

Experience the genius of SONOS 5.1 home theatre. Combine a SONOS PLAYBAR,
SUB and two PLAY speakers for effortless wireless Dolby surround sound.


Nothing anchors your home theatre audio like dynamic and detailed bass. With a SONOS PLAYBAR and SUB combo, you’ll experience each boom, crash, and rumble in all its thunderous glory — so much more than your television speakers.


The SONOS PLAYBAR brings every movie, game and TV show to life with wide-angled, 3-channel sound. Sound effects and music pan realistically from left and right, with crisp clear dialogue from the centre channel.


Add your rear speakers with a pair of SONOS PLAY:1s, PLAY:3s, or PLAY:5s to PLAYBAR and SUB — and suddenly, you’re right in the centre of the action with sound coming from every direction of your home theatre.

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