Now you can play your vinyl again.

Welcome to the vinyl revival. Whether you’re a casual listener or a serious afficionado we have turntables and accessories to suit all levels of vinyl appreciation.

CODA have a range of turntable products from arguably three of the best hi-fi manufacturers in the world, TEAC, Denon and Clearaudio, chosen for vinyl enthusiasts who would rather listen to their records than their gear.

TEAC Turntables

Join the vinyl revolution with these turntables from TEAC. These two turntables include onboard phono amplifiers, and are all setup out of the box to play your favourite records. Also included are USB outputs so you can transfer your vinyl collection to your Mac or PC computer.

The TEAC TN-100 brings the classic sound of vinyl, with plug and play simplicity. Designed for budget-conscious music enthusiasts, this belt-driven turntable delivers exceptional value for money.

The TN-300 belt-drive turntable offers style, performance and value in one superb package. When you want to get serious about your vinyl playback, this model will reward your ears.

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When you’re ready.

Clearaudio stands for the highest quality, using high-end materials and the perfect technical implementation of intelligent innovation. Every product in Clearaudio’s portfolio is conceived and produced by highly skilled specialists and precision engineers in the German city of Erlangen.

Clearaudio Turntables and Accessories

The Clearaudio Concept and Emotion turntables represent Clearaudio’s vision of high-end audio for everyone. The Volkswagen of the turntable world.

As part of Clearaudio’s service committment, each Concept leaves the Clearaudio factory completely setup, even the tracking and antiskating force are adjusted.

The Emotion SE package offers a complete solution to the music lover who is looking for superior sound and authentic music reproduction, but without the need for specialist technical help in matching turntable components.

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